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The Eggcellent Roadshow

 Our traveling Eggcellent roadshow will allow your children to experience the ins and outs of chick development, hatching and growth with guided lessons, and one on one handling interactions with young chicks that they have the responsibility of caring for and hatching as a class! We will provided guided lessons that engage your children to connect with the material in an exciting way. When the chicks have moved on to their new homes, we will provide additional resources for educators to continue the Eggcellent Road Lessons long after we are finished exciting and engaging your class! Get in touch to see where we're traveling next and if your school could be on that list by emailing Dr Karen Spencer at

Not convinced yet? Take a look below at what some of our past Eggcellent Roadshow students had to say (and draw) to our engagement officer Tanvi when they finished the course!

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